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About us

About us

We design, produce and sell high quality cycling products. To meet very specific demands.

And we’re pretty passionate about it.

Riding together with skilled and less-skilled riders, experiencing difficulties on our paths and ways to overcome them, we felt the need for some products that did not exist, or felt there was room for improvement.

We started making our own products and mounted them on our bikes.

On the trails we noticed there is a need among mountainbikers. So we optimized our production process and started a small webshop.



We are located in Belgium, in the heart of Europe.

All of our products are made in Belgium, and we are proud of that. Producing nearby, that means: short lines, easy communication and proper quality control, with the ability to improve products and processes.

made in belgium

We’re always looking to expand our product range, so If you feel a need when riding your mountainbike, contact us, we might be able to help you.



LORE Components is the result of mountainbikers, who put together their knowledge and skills. We are engineering inspired. And for other tasks we appeal to freelancers.

Combined we share years of experience in design, engineering, product development, commercial insight, marketing and finance.

Philip Vandeput is the face of LORE Components, Industrial engineer, rider, family-man and with a never-ceasing urge to create.

He picked up the gauntlet to create and produce high level cycling products. Being an industrial engineer, he has the experience and the knowledge of materials to create high quality products that meet the most stringent requirements, and are fool-proof.

His own riding has evolved from xc-race, over marathon and trail riding to enduro riding and racing. Serious about his goals, less serious besides.



We’ve chosen to open an online store while we are offering very specific products for a certain number of riders all around the world. We can keep the fixed costs low, so we can offer our high quality products at a fair price.

You can order your favourite product 24 for 7, throughout the year.



You can reach us by filling out our contact form.  We'll get back to you asap.


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