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General questions

    GENERAL - Can I order other colors?

    At this time we don’t offer custom products. It would cost us to much time, and we would have to charge more for our products. Though, if you have a special request, please let us know (contact). Perhaps you’re not the only one, and we can include it in our range.


    GENERAL - What is your delivery time?

    We are a small company, run by people with other daytime jobs. Sometimes we go cycling too. We try hard to execute your order the same day, but we can’t make any promises on that.

    Expect a delivery time of 3 to 5 working days. If you need it very urgent, drop us a line, referring to your order.


    GENERAL - Can I return the product?

    If the product does not meet your demand, you can return it to us. Please note that the product has to be in brand new condition, and may not be mounted or used. Postage, and responsibility, is at charge of the customer. While sending it back, inform us, and if you want explain why you are sending it back, that's very valuable for us.


    GENERAL - Do you ride yourselves?

    Yes, stupid question. That’s our main goal in life! Even more than selling high quality cycling products.


    GENERAL – Why can’t I order your products outside Europe?

    It’s all about legals. Shipping outside the EU, we are subjected to other laws, with other demands concerning invoicing and VAT-settlements. Do you live outside the EU, and you want to order one of our great products? Please contact us and we work something out.


    GENERAL – Are there more products coming?

    Yes, for sure. We are working on some very exciting projects. But we can’t tell you, it’s top secret. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and be the first to know.





    JellyBelly – what’s the best way to apply the JellyBelly?

    Thanks for asking: the better you prepare the application, the better it will last and the happier you will be with this great product.

    The most important thing is to clean and degrease your bike properly.

    Fitting is best done at room temperature (15 to 25° C), with the JB and the frame having adopted the same room temperature.

    1. Clean your bike
    2. Without detracting the backside paper, hold the JB on your bike. Verify if this location is good, and if there are no mounts, tabs, … standing in the way. Mark this position.
    3. Degrease the area where you want to stick the JB. Preferable with alcohol-based cleaner, like for example brake cleaner. Make sure you don’t wipe off the position marking.
    4. Detract the backside paper. You can do it in once, or detract it just a bit, sometimes this is easier to align it.
    5. Stick the upper part on the correct position on your frame.
    6. Put your thumb (or another finger, or object) on the top position and slide downwards in the middle of the Kyte. Put some pressure on it so you the JB is stretched out
    7. Apply the sides by rubbing from the inside to the outside, and follow the form of your frame.
    8. Push a bit harder on the JB.
    9. Go around the contours, executing some pressure too.
    10. Go ride your bike


    JellyBelly - Ain’t mud going to stick in the upright shapes of the JellyBelly?

    Nope, we use a special ‘surface sealing formula’ to prevent this, see our illustrating video here. And we need the little upright shapes, which are designed to protect the frame as best as possible, without losing the flexibility to follow the shape of your frame


    JellyBelly - Will the JellyBelly fit on my bike?

    99% sure it does. We designed a protector that is very universal. Due to the special upright shapes, and in between lines it follows the form of your frame, in both ways: horizontally and vertically, or both.

    On top of that: if the JellyBelly should be too big for your application, you can cut it without losing any abilities. Use a sharp knife or scissors, and cut along the lines or in between the upright shapes.


    JellyBelly - Do you guarantee my frame cannot be damaged when the JellyBelly is installed?

    No. Sorry. We can’t do that. We don’t know what you’re up to with your bike, and some impacts are just too big. Our tests show however, that more than normal impacts will not damage your frame. In fact, it surprised us how big an impact it absorbs. Maybe, In between, we’ll make a video of some tests…




    KYTE – what’s the best way to apply the KYTE?

    Thanks for asking: the better you prepare the mounting, the happier you will be with this great product.

    The KYTE is pretty easy to install, mostly even without demounting cranks or chainrings.

    Most important: make sure your tabs on your frame are open and clean. Sometimes it happens that paint residues are stuck in the holes are on the thread inside, or that they got covered in dirt – how the hell came that in there?! . Without clearing the thread you can damage it!

    So, here we go:

    1. Check visually if the holes are clear. Even better: if you have a thread cutter (M5, normal 1,00 metric), go through the hole to clean the thread.
    2. Put the KYTE in front of the holes (the gutted side is the non-drive side)
    3. Put the countersunk screws in, and tighten them with your Allen key.
    4. Check if your chainring and/or bolts have enough clearance.
    5. Go ride your bike


    KYTE - What is the ISCG05 standard?

    The ISCG05 norm assures a perfect fit for components on frames.

    It started with different designs to put mounting-tabs on frames, but to make sure different components fit on different frames the industry created a new standard, called ISCG, whereof the ISCG05 is by far the most common version.

    The ISCG05 standard can be easily recognized by checking the distance between 2 holes: that has to be 55,92mm (2.2 inch). Important notice: if you have a frame with ISCG03 mounts (48mm or 1.99inch between 2 holes), our KYTE will not fit, sorry.

    Read more about the ISCG05 mounts.

    If you are not sure about the fitment on your bike, please contact us, we‘ll point things out for you.


    KYTE - Do you guarantee my frame cannot be damaged when the KYTE is installed?

    No. Sorry. We can’t do that. We don’t know what you’re up to with your bike, and some impacts are just too big. Our tests show however, that it protects your material against more than normal impacts.

    We ran tests with high load impacts, without any damages on Kyte, parts or frame.


    If you have any other questions,contact us by filling out our contact form.