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ISCG05 explained

ISCG05 is an industry standard to allow manufacturers to create frames and parts that are compatible. It consists of three threaded holes around the bottom bracket, where for example a bashguard can be mounted.

ISCG05 is an improved version, of the old 2003 ISCG standard, often called ISCG03 or just ISCG.

Lore Components ISCG05 technical 

How do I know if my frame has the ISCG05 mounts?

It's easy to figure out: just measure the distance between two holes.

If it is 55,92mm (2.2 inches), you're one lucky bastard!


Discover the Kyte ISCG05 bashguard.

Beware: our KYTE bashguard is ISCG05 compatible only, not ISCG03.

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