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mounting the LORE #KYTE ISCG bashguard on a Canyon Strive

bashguard ISCG5

The Canyon Strive is a modern enduro bike, and has some nice features, like for example the shapeshifter. Strange enough, they have not followed the industry leading ISCG05 standard.

Luckily, with an adapter, you can mount our Kyte ISCG05 bashguard on your Canyon Strive! 

What do you need:

  • tools to remove and re-install the crank
  • parts (can be ordered directly at Canyon):
    • 1 x A1012197 (Hammerschmidt ISCG adaptor plate)
    • 3 x A1012196 (countersunk bolts for the adapter)
  • a #KYTE (bolts are included) 

When the right crankarm is removed, you will see 3 threaded mounts, put the adapter plate on those mounts with the text on the inside. Directly on this adapter plate, you can screw the KYTE.

Put the crank back on. Ready.

You will have noticed this bike has a 2x setup in front. For this bike it wasn't a problem at all, we did ask for some measurement from the customer to check. If you are in doubt please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

A simple operation, if you know what to do and which parts you need. We thought this could be useful information for all ya Canyon shredders.

Thanks to our customer for sending us the pics!

Lore Components Kyte iscg bashguard on Canyon Strive

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